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New manuscript is in the works, co-authored with Einat Klafter “The Middle Ages 2.0: the Medieval roots of digital culture” (working title)

New manuscript is in the works, “Posthumanism in everyday life” (working title)

Hebrew Online , Modern Hebrew book series edited by Ruvik Rosenthal, 2011. Jerusalem: Keter Publishing (Hebrew). Co-authored with Illan Gonen.


Posthumanism: Prometheus and the Revenge of Deconstruction” (Winter 2018) Theory and Criticism 50: 219-236. (In Hebrew)

Carmel Vaisman, Ilan Gonen, and Yuval Pinter. (2018). “Nonhuman Language Agents in Self-Regulated Collaborative Communities: Comparing Hebrew Wikipedia with Hebrew Facebook“, Discourse, Context & Media 21C: 10-17.

Vaisman, C. L. (2016). Pretty in Pink vs. Pretty in Black: Blogs as Gendered Avatars. Visual Communication 15 (3):293-315.

Vaisman, C.L. (2014) Beautiful script, cute spelling and glamorous words: Doing girlhood through language playfulness on Israeli blogs. Language & Communication 34: 69-80.

Lachover, E. and Vaisman C. (2014). Jewish-Israeli Girls Online Discourse about International Women’s Day:  Post-Feminism or “Feminist Insensibility”? Journal of Children and Media, Volume 8 Issue 2. Available online as of 3 May 2013.

“So Fun, Muy Kef: Lexical Glocalization in Israeli Girls’ Blogs”, Israel Studies in Language and Society 4 (1), 2011. Download.

“Public Media Meets the Online Workers’ Union: The Roles and Influence of Political Blogs in Israel”, Megamot 46(1), 2009: 222-253. Download (Hebrew).

Design & Play: Weblog Genres of Adolescent Girls in Israel“, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 6.4. (Special issue on Blogging, November 2006).

Dear DiaryPanim 33, 2005: 23-29. (Hebrew)

Whose Blog Is It Anyway?Panim 30, 2004: 46-54. (Hebrew)

Book Chapters

Solidifying Metaphors by Platforms”, in Markham, A. N. and Tiidenberg, K. (Eds.). Ways of Being in The Digital Age . Peter Lang, Forthcoming.

“The Designs Industry: Playing with digital production on Israeli girls’ Blogs”, in: Brayer-Gareb, R., Olmert, D. Kazin, O. and Tirosh, Y. (2017). Capitalism and Gender: Feminist issues in the market culture. Jerusalem: Van Leer Publishing and HaKibbutz HaMeuhad. pp 330-354. (pre-print in Hebrew).

“The hitchhiker’s guide to the posthuman era”, introduction chapter to Ataria, Y. and Shalev, A (eds.). (2016). The Posthuman Era: between the fantasy of eternal life and existential panic. Haifa: Pardes. (in Hebrew)

“Pretty in Pink and Pretty in Black: Gendered Communities of Practice on Israeli Girls’ Blogs” in:  Lev On, A. (Ed.), Communities Online, Resling (2015). Download draft version in Hebrew.

“The Designs Industry: Israeli Tween Girls Play with Production and Power on Blogs” (2014). In: Bennett, A. and Robards, B. (eds.) Mediated Youth Cultures: The Internet, Belonging and New Cultural Configurations. Palgrave Macmillan. Pp. 95-113.

“Performing Girlhood through Typographic play in Hebrew Blogs” in: Thurlow, C. and Mroczek, K. (eds.) Digital Discourse: Language in the New Media. Oxford Series in Sociolinguistics, 2011. Download pre print version.

“Blogging as Public Property Media: Defining the Roles and Assessing the Influence of Political Blogging in Israel” in: Russell A. and Echchaibi, N. (eds.) International Blogging. New York: Peter Lang, 2009. pp.111-132. Download.

Doctoral dissertation

“Israeli Girls and Digital Subcultures: Gender, Language and Playfulness on Blogs”, Doctoral dissertation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, September 2010. Download (Hebrew). *Download English Summary.

*Visit “Doctor Blog” (Hebrew) – the archive of the real time interactive field-notes within the researched community.

*Watch Appendix 2 – a video collage of girls’ interviews.

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